The Lokta bushes grow in the Himalaya region of Tibet and Nepal. The bark has been used for centuries to make paper and scrolls. They were used by kings and monks to record legal decisions and write poems and mantras. The paper thus stand the test of time and will remain for centuries. The paper is also a 100% eco-friendly as the lokta bushes naturally grow fast to provide infinite material. Enjoy the soft writing sensation of the journals and travel note books.

Nowadays, more than 50.000 families are employed in the paper making sector in Nepal. By including the Lokta paper in our range, we contribute to a thriving sector that forms an important part of the country’s economy.

Size: 18cm x 13cm
Origin : handmade in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
Material : handmade lokta paper
Details : Available in three sizes and two different combinations of designs. Beautiful delicate soft cover notebooks, designed by Van Verre. To use as a travel journal or for writing down notes and other ideas.