Olive trees are the most symbolic trees of the Mediterranean and represent purity and wisdom. Tunisian craftsmen have understood this and preserved this savoir-faire, taking good care of these hundred-year-old trees and shaping the finest products. The hand carving of the sun-dried wood follows the veins of the tree; there is nothing more pure.

With industrialisation, the future of the fertile olive groves that shape the Tunisian landscapes was put into danger. VAN VERRE takes part in a preservation program launched by the Tunisian government; for every olive tree that is cut, a new one is planted. In that way we do not harm the amazing heritage of the Tunisian olive groves.

Use: A rinse with warm water is more than sufficient to wash the robust olive wood’s. Do not put it into the dishwasher or use any detergent. A gentle rub of olive oil feeds the wood and enriches its lively markings, allowing this exceptional product to be enjoyed for years. It’s a piece of life on your table. Enjoy!

Size: 28cm
Origin: Traditionally made in Tunesia. For every olive tree that is cut, a new one is planted.
Material: Olive wood with lively markings
Details: The naturally drawn veins of the wood give a playful effect. Each item is unique.