Our aim is to supply beautifully crafted and unique homeware, sourced responsibly from around the globe. Whether sourced locally within the UK, or from India and beyond, we believe it is possible to pay our suppliers a fair price for their products, and to make sure they have safe working conditions.

We also believe that it is possible to offer our customers an honest price without loading on a premium because our goods are ethically traded.

We focus on the cultures and lifestyles around us, rather than ever changing trends because we believe a life well lived is by surrounding yourself with the things you love.


"We are committed to sourcing from fair trade factories that go over and above to support, develop and care for their employees. We are aware that our customer is becoming more and more interested in where product is made and the unique story behind it. We intend to share as much of this in the product descriptions as we can."




"By avoiding mass production, we work with skilled artisans who make many of their products by hand; which we believe makes every product we sell more personal to the producers and the customer."




"We are proud to say a lot of our product comes from re-used materials such as glass and plastic. Our proudest achievement in this area has to be sourcing these beautiful throws made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. We love the fact 50 bottles has gone into making one throw instead of ending up at the bottom of the ocean. Also check out our stunning CARAFES and VASES that are made from recycled glass." 





  We continually review ways of creating a highly personal online shopping experience. Just because we’re online, it doesn’t mean we have forgotten the importance of good old fashioned customer service values. 
If you have any comments or feedback on the website or any of our products, please get in touch at info@smashinginteriors.com. 
The Smashing Team x