It is impossible not to be charmed by this hand-turned vase with its rustic pock-marked angora white glaze. The sturdy bottom is in complete contrast with the delicate sloping neck and shows the artistry and skill with which it is made. It is perfect for displaying one or two beautiful long-stemmed flowers or an eye-catching twig.

Supplier Info:

The manufacturer who supplies us with this vase employs nearly five hundred people in Vietnam who use their skill with clay to make this lovely product. In addition to receiving a statutory wage for their artistry, the business offers employees lunches, social insurance, health insurance, annual medical check up, team trips out and sports’ awards for football and volley ball, plus annual bonuses. Their concern also extends to helping to protect the environment as well as employees and have third party annual audit at the factory to help to improve the working environment as well as recycling any waste product.

Why we love this product!

  • Handmade
  • Fair Trade
  • Recycled 
  • Contemporary rustic in design
  • A charming and skilfully hand-turned vase

Dimensions: Diameter: 17cm H:28cm

NB: Protect painted/varnished surface